Why Visionary Rules for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

I’m overworked, overwhelmed, and have an avalanche of User Requests. JavaScript isn’t my strong-suit and I’m tired of searching the web for snippets of code. I need help, and there’s no budget for a developer.

Every Admin Everywhere!

What is Visionary Rules?

Visionary Rules for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of apps designed to empower the System Administrator or System Analyst. They provide no-code solutions to easily and quickly modify the behavior, look, and feel of Dynamics 365 Forms.  

Bridge the Gap Between the CRM Admin and Developer

  • Customize and configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 – without coding
  • Enable your System Analyst or CRM Admin to respond to user requests instead of hiring a developer.
  • Free up your IT staff to do more technical, higher skilled programming.
  • Create consistent, SDK-compliant JavaScript code across your system – even with multiple implementers.

Easily give different experiences to various user groups on your forms.

  • Build a more dynamic, responsive, and highly configured CRM system that people will want to use – without coding.
  • Design more process-centric systems. Change forms on the fly, show different tabs and sections based on the data entered on the form.
  • Show different fields or forms based on User type.

Different Apps for Different Needs

Visionary offers a series of apps, targeted to a collection of features most wanted by those tasked with maintaining your Dynamics 365 system. The smaller, targetted apps focus on certain aspects of coding, and are great for solving a particular problem. The Full Suite includes every feature of every app we offer and is great to cover all your existing and future needs.   

Easy-to-use Interface

Our easy-to-use interface allows the CRM Admin to quickly generate a typical IF/THEN/ELSE rule on one page.  Simply fill in the conditions, and Visionary Rules will generate and deploy the code for you. This code is fully editable by hand or by the Visionary Rules app.

More advanced options include Cloning, Returning a Value, Filtered Lookup, and more. Have Custom Javascript or a Custom Function? No problem. Visionary Rules will accommodate and utilize your custom code or function.

Let us do the grunt work so you can focus on your users needs.

Turn User Requirements and Design Changes into Javascript without coding using Visionary Rules

How Does It Work?

The next series of 5 screenshots show how easy it is to build a rule in Visionary Rules. In this scenario, if a Rep types in a Customer Name, we want to Require a website and Show the Billing Section Tab.







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