David L. Carr, President

David L. Carr is the President and CEO of Visionary Software Consulting, Inc. and a Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant. No stranger to CRM, Dave has been helping clients better connect with their customers using CRM for over 20 years. Dave has over 25 years of experience designing software. From the very beginning, he has earned a reputation of listening to, and quickly solving, customer problems.

With his extensive hands-on business experience and degrees in Economics, Business, and Computer Science, one of Dave’s main strengths is the ability to quickly understand your business. Using his own background of consulting, he is able to develop software products to help IT professionals be successful.

Dave has extensive architectural and practical knowledge from Microsoft CRM 1.0 all the way to Dynamics 365 functionality and customization capabilities. He has designed CRM solutions requiring extensive integration with other systems through plug-ins, web services, SQL, MSMQ, and/or third party products.