Visionary Rules: Basic Suite


everything that Dynamics 365 Business Rules has


This free version has all the functionality of Microsoft  Business Rules and more. It enhances your experience by offering more flexibility and control than Business Rules.

Create nested, ‘and’ ‘or’ rules in one condition and decide WHEN to fire the rules to give you complete control.

For a more detailed look on the benefits of Visionary Rules: Basic vs. Microsoft Business Rules, go to our Blog Post

Basic version includes the following functionality:

Basic Action Type Usage
Hide Field Make a field invisible
Show Field Make a field visible
Disable Field Lock a field;

Make a field read-only

Enable Field Make a read-only field modifiable
Required Fields Make a field required; business recommended, or not required.
Set Field to Other Field Value Set a field value to the same value stored in another field.
Set Field Value Set a field value to a specific value.
Set to Null Blank out a field value.
Confirm Ask the user to select 1 of 2 possible path; modify the system depending on their selection.
Set Field Notification Display an error message next to a field with an incorrect data value.
Save Save the record.
Run Rule Implement ‘Nested IF’ conditions.¬† In other words, IF one thing is true, test something else.¬† If that is also true, then do the actions specified.



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