New PowerApp is the No-Code Solution to Easily Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365

Feeling overwhelmed by a tidal wave of user requests and system change requirements? Are you in charge of Dynamics 365 but not comfortable coding? Visionary Rules, the newest PowerApp for Microsoft Dynamics 365, can help you easily keep on top of new requirements or user requests – even if coding Javascript isn’t your strong suit. Sure, you could pay a consultant tens of thousands of dollars to come in and modify your system one time.  Or, you could purchase a tool for a fraction of the cost that will empower you to deeply customize your system each time your business pivots.  Visionary Rules is an intuitive, no-code solution that fills the gap between out-of-the-box form configuration and full Javascript customization.  

Visionary Rules allows you to configure your CRM forms by simply creating business rules using the Dynamics 365 new user interface. System admins or business analysists do not need to learn Javascript – simply build conditions using your own field names. If you are familiar with Dynamics 365, you will feel right at home using this new PowerApp.

Why Do You Need it?

This no-code solution offers the ability to easily and quickly configure your CRM Forms to build a more dynamic, responsive, and highly configured system that users will want to use.

  • Allows the System Analyst or CRM Admin to configure the system instead of hiring an expensive developer
  • Makes it easy to give different user groups different experiences on your forms
  • Creates consistent JavaScript code across the system even with multiple implementers
  • Frees up IT staff to do more technical, higher skilled programming
  • Creates an auditable, searchable database of custom code for easy debugging
  • Lowers the total cost of ownership – letting you spend your scarce resources on product, not on coding

How does it work?

Building a rule is simple and requires no Javascript knowledge.  When you install the app, Visionary Rules will access your Dynamics 365 CE/CRM metadata, capturing your field names, custom entities, and form and section names.   You simply fill in the Visionary Rules forms that show your custom entity and field names.  We do the grunt work of coding (generating 100% SDK-compliant JavaScript) and placing it in the right spots. At any time, you can access or edit the rules keeping you in full control of revisions as your business inevitably changes.  

What is included?

While some individual functionality will be pulled out into smaller, targeted apps, this is the complete suite that includes every function available.  This suite includes over 70 “Action Types” and 10 “Rule Types” that can affect every aspect of your CRM forms from Hiding Sections and Tabs to Setting Field Values, and many more.

More Info

For more information on how to expand your configuration toolbox using Visionary Rules, visit or email [email protected]

For a test drive or free 15 day trial, visit AppSource.