Aggregation and Anniversary Features in Visionary Rules

Roll up sales data on the fly, and solve the anniversary problem without hiring a developer

Visionary Rules is a useful tool to customize Forms (Tabs, Sections, and Fields) without coding JavaScript. These two functions were inspired by a customer need.

Anniversaries – Beyond the Birthday Problem: 

Since the beginning of CRM, people have looking for ways to handle birthdays or anniversaries.  A few solutions are out there on blogs, however, they only address the birthday problem. But what if you want to take the concept further: What about any date field where you want to do things based on the date being This Month or Next Month? How about Last MonthWithin X DaysThis Day of the Month, or even 1 Week From Now? What if you could Sum Fields based on these kind of date operators? As a result of a customer request, this is possible with Visionary Rules. The customer wanted to sum up values on a custom entity when certain date fields were This Month or Last Month.  Up until now, there was no way to do that without hiring a developer or possessing extensive coding skills. With Visionary Rules’ easy-to-use interface, the rules can be specified and then run nightly, on demand, and anything in between – all without coding.


Rollup fields in Dynamics 365 are great, but what if you want it on demand, multiple times a day, or even to only run conditionally? With Visionary Rules Aggregation, that is possible. It even allows you to use any of the aggregation functions beyond sum, such as min, max, avg or count.

Let’s say your manager wants the latest forecasting numbers before the weekly meeting. There’s no need to edit a spreadsheet; just run the Visionary Rules aggregation job 5 minutes before the meeting and all your CRM Dashboards are updated with the latest and greatest numbers. If they want to see the results of their changes while still in the meeting, just run it again! Now YOU are in control of your aggregations.

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